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Patsa Industry Co, relying on the most advanced technology in the world in the fields of automation, instrumentation and telecommunications, provides comprehensive engineering services, equipment supply, production of industrial systems and computers in various projects in the country. This group consists of two Iranian companies, Patsa Industry, Aria Abzar Daghigh and three regional companies, each of which enjoys the support of reputable international partner companies along with the experience and regular structure of the group.

PATSA Industry Co started its activity in 1991 from the industrial unit of PATSA Company and in 1999, under the name of PATSA Industry Co, in the form of three units of automation, instrumentation and project, it continued to provide its specialized services with more focus.

Since 2005, with the completion of the construction of the factory in Parand Industrial Town, the production activities of this group, including industrial computers, control panels and some instrumentation items, continued with greater capacity. In response to the expansion and diversity of specialized activities, the need to increase efficiency and create more growth space, the idea of turning units into independent companies within the framework of PATSA Industry Co, was implemented in 1999 with the establishment of Aria Abzar Daqiq Company.

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