Patsa Industry solutions to deal with Corona

Corona virus vs. industry

The new pandemic coronavirus, a disease that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, reached global proportions within a few months, affecting all countries and shattering the foundations of global communications. This epidemic has had various negative effects on different aspects of human life on this planet, and experts in each subject have analyzed the current situation and made predictions about the future.


In this article, written by the experts of Patsa Industry, we first deal with the effects of coronavirus on the automation industry in the world and in Iran, then the actions Patsa industry In order to reduce the losses of industrial and factory owners in our beloved country of Iran, which is due to changes in the turbulent market these days, and at the end we make predictions about the future of industrial automation in Iran and the world. .

Changes and effects of coronavirus

To better understand the effects of coronavirus, we must first look at changes in lifestyle and rules. Since the coronavirus is transmitted through the respiratory tract and through skin contact, governments have adopted social distance laws to prevent further spread of the disease. And they have implemented the closure of high-risk businesses, and therefore people follow these rules because of the reduced risk of getting infected. So the first consequence of Corona that we all see is an increase in online orders to buy all kinds of necessities of life from online stores. Another inevitable consequence of this disease is the increase in demand for health and care products such as masks, gloves, disinfectants, detergents, etc., which the current global supply has no ability to respond to. But one of the most important consequences of Corona has been the disruption of the global supply chain cycle due to the closure of communication lines and the closure of factories, the effects of which can be not only short-term but also long-term for the people. And other problems caused by the corona increase the risk of death of people who are at the forefront of the fight against the corona, ie doctors and nurses, or people who work in high-risk jobs such as garbage collection and cleaning city streets. are. Now that we have discussed the changes that have taken place, we will turn to their effects on the industrial automation market.

ما کرونا را شکست میدهیم

Reciprocal actions of industry owners

The increase in online orders has doubled the demand for order collection and packaging robots. These are the kind of robots that Amazon has been using in its warehouses for several years. They fully automate the process of collecting the items in the invoice and packaging and do so without the need for human intervention. On the other hand, large companies such as Amazon have increased the budget for UAVs so that in the future, in the event of a recurrence of such epidemics, the lives of fewer people will be at risk.

ما کرونا را شکست میدهیم
ما کرونا را شکست میدهیم

But what have the world’s largest automation companies done to address the growing demand for health goods? Companies such as Rockwell and Omron in an innovative plan sent proposals to their customers whose production lines had the flexibility to become a production line for such goods, and in joint projects with governments in the shortest possible time by making changes in Production lines multiplied countries’ productivity for goods such as care masks and disinfectants.

But the world’s largest automation companies have come up with almost no short-term solutions to the biggest problem with the coronavirus, the global supply chain disruption due to the closure of communication lines and plant closures, but long-term solutions such as changes in Warehousing and shipping methods, turning more companies to use complete automation technologies of production lines, providing hardware and software solutions in order to use automation, monitoring and control systems in the service sector and Etc., and researchers in this field are examining these methods to increase the readiness of the industry in the future to deal with similar events.

What steps have been taken by leading automation companies to protect the lives of physicians and nurses who are at high risk? Since intelligent hospital management systems are among the services of automation companies, companies have made changes in these systems to reduce the need for nurses to visit coronary patients in quarantine, which ultimately reduces the risk of infection. They have been designing fully automated robots and intelligent waste collection and recycling management systems for a long time, so that if such events are repeated, fewer workers in this sector will be at risk.

In general, from now on, more companies are expected to use industrial automation and remote control and monitoring systems, and therefore the demand for industrial automation products will increase significantly. Responding quickly to such actions In the future, humans will rely more on artificial intelligence and the use of integrated and transparent medical data collection systems.

Actions of Patsa Sanat Company

Patsa Industry, which has always been a supporter of the country’s industry, is proud to announce its readiness to help businesses related to the production of health and care equipment and manufacturers of disinfectants and detergents in order to increase production capacity. This company is the most reliable partner and partner in these difficult conditions by having the representation of world-renowned partners in the automation industry and many years of experience in localizing the technologies of control system and industrial automation.

We defeat Corona