Execution of DCS control systems projects

Distributed control system (DCS) is used to control industrial processes such as power plants, oil and gas refineries, water and wastewater treatment, chemical, food and automotive industries. In the form of a multi-layered control structure, from the supervisory and management levels to the sub-levels, they are built to control the local details of the process. The product and the control process are usually placed automatically at the desired point by using feedback loops or feedback loops. Special programmable controllers are used to achieve the desired tolerance for the product or process. In DCS systems, the computer is used as a monitoring and reprogramming of the system, and the processing is done by the controllers, which means that if one of the controllers burns out, we do not lose all control over the system.
Patsa Industry, as one of the companies specializing in the country’s automation industry and the implementation of many national projects, has the ability to supply, design and implement processing systems based on DCS equipment from the following vendors: