Industrial Networks Sales Department is one of the specialized units of Patsa Industry, which is active in the field of industrial network equipment and radio communications and includes the following three sections:

  • Sales of industrial network equipment and radio communications at competitive prices in a way that while providing customer satisfaction can lead to sales and ultimately achieve revenue and profit from sales.
  • Design, installation and commissioning of industrial networks at various scales
  • Holding training courses and seminars in the field of industrial network equipment and introducing related technologies in the world

This unit, as the official representative of ADVANTECH industrial network brands, offers a wide range of network switches. These switches include modular and integrated types, 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps, Layer 2 and Layer 3, industrial firewalls and VPN server and PoE support. Also, industrial switches suitable for the environmental conditions of various industries such as oil and gas (explosion-proof property), electricity (no noise in power substations), rail (resistance to vibration and impact) and …. Are available. This unit also offers a variety of serial to Ethernet converters, serial to fiber optic, serial to serial, bass to Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, serial to WiFi, bass to fiber optic and …. .

Application of industrial network equipment in various industries

Due to the wide application of network equipment in various industries such as transportation industry, oil and gas and petrochemical industry, electricity industry and automotive industry, etc., this department is one of the leaders in providing goods and services to various industries.


Transportation Industry

  • With standard EN-50155, EN-45545-Rail, On Board EN-50121-4, RAIL, Track-Side.
  • Use of high IP industrial connectors in M6, M12 connections.
  • Provide high security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive and security parts of the network.
  • Operation in IP67 harsh industrial environments and operation at temperature (-40ºC ~ 80ºC).
  • Creating secure network platforms over long distances through fiber optics and wireless systems.

Oil, gas and petrochemical industry

  • Support for Profinet and Ethernet IP protocols.
  • Ability to use redundancy in important communication platforms.
  • PRP: Parallel Redundancy Protocol – MRP: Media Redundancy Protocol
  • Has ATEX 100a, Zone 2 standard for use in Hazardous environments and also GL standard.
  • Provide high security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive and security parts of the network.

power industry

  • Flexible solutions with maximum reliability in assembly halls.
  • Maximum access to elements of car body production lines.
  • Provide accurate solutions for wiring and network management in color salons.
  • Has the standard cUL 508 / cUL 61010-1 / -2-201 for use in industrial environments full of noise.
  • High quality upgrade with maximum degree of reliability and accessibility in the engine and gearbox production line.
Introduction of Advantech Company

Taiwanese company Advantech started its activity in 1983 in the field of automation equipment and providing telecommunication infrastructure solutions. The company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of infrastructure and equipment for wireless and wired telecommunication network (3 / 4G, GPRS, WLAN) is one of the leaders in the field of industrial telecommunications. Among the products of this large company, the following can be mentioned:

Web Access/NMS: This software is designed to manage and support the IP-based equipment of this company, which provides access, control and debugging during the operation and use of the equipment.

Industrial Ethernet Managed Switches: Advantech controllable switches enable engineers to assign a certain range of IPs to a large number of devices at the same time. Other features of these switches include the ability to copy the settings of one switch to another. Using this feature not only greatly reduces the time required to adjust the switches, but also minimizes the possibility of error in the settings.

Industrial Ethernet Unmanaged Switches: Advantech Unmanaged Switches In addition to having all the capabilities of Unmanaged switches, it allows you to view port information to detect and resolve potential errors.

Wireless AP/Client: For industrial environments, this equipment provides a suitable platform for wireless communication in industrial environments. By incorporating a PoE Adapter into its products, Advantech has provided equipment startup in situations where DC power supply is not available. The efficiency of the products in the wide temperature range and dust resistance, has made the products of this company the best option for use in industrial environments.

Fiber Ethernet Media Converters: This equipment is one of the safest and most cost-effective equipment to increase the distance between telecommunication equipment, which can be used to connect TCP and fiber bed and increase network length. Advantech Converter Company Has produced quality products to meet this need.The media converters of this company can be used in Single Mode, Multi-mode, Duplex, PoE, FTTX, commercial and industrial.

Modbus Gateway: This equipment is fully compatible with Modbus / TCP and is the best solution for connecting serial devices and controllers (Modbus / ASCII or Modbus / RTU) to the Ethernet network and can be used in unfavorable industrial environments with wide temperature range and high dust.

Serial Device Server: This device has 1 to 16 ports to connect serial equipment to the LAN. This product is very easy to install and set up and supports wired and wireless networks and offers various implementation solutions for industrial automation.

Introduction of B + B SmartWorx Company

B&B SmartWorx (B&B Electronics) began operations in 1980 to provide M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wireless networks. This company has designed and implemented many communication and infrastructure equipments for use in environments with unfavorable conditions and is one of the leaders in producing equipments such as ETHERNET SWITCHES, ROUTERS & EXTENDERS.

B + B SmartWorx has become one of the most reputable and well-known companies in this field due to the increasing growth of complex topologies in industrial networks and the urgent need of these networks for Media Converters. Finally, in 2016, it joined the large company Advantech and continued its activities as a subsidiary of this global company.

The products of this company can be classified at a glance as the following equipment:

  • GPRS, 3G, 4G network equipment
  • IoT and Network Edge Equipment
  • Switches, routers and extenders
  • Power supplies and accessories
  • Complete range of industrial converters
  • Serial and USB connections
  • Wireless sensors
  • Controls and HMIS
  • Remote I/O

Among the most important services of this department can be providing consulting in industrial projects as well as designing networks tailored to customer needs:

  • Designing Wireless Networks :
    • Point To Point Wireless link for data transmission

    • Point To Multi-point Communication Wireless link for communication of all different units of factories, posts and …

    • Wireless coverage (Wi-Fi) to provide Internet and intranet services in industrial environments, refineries, factories, petrochemicals, etc.

  • Local area network design(LAN)
    • Intra-organizational network infrastructure (active network and passive network)

    • Logical and physical design of the network in accordance with industrial environments

    • Coordinate network access with the policies of organizations, institutions and factories

    • Implement Redundant substrates to create alternative substrates

    • Design and implementation of network management & monitoring system

  • Network Security
    • Check and test network permeability

    • Design a secure network environment

    • Design and configuration of routers , switches , firewalls and …

Industrial network equipment can be categorized at a glance as follows: