Patsa Industry Company is proud to be a manufacturer of 1 to 32 layer electronic boards in various fields including electricity, electronics, communications and computers. Utilizing a skilled team and the most modern production equipment, it provides a variety of products and services, including: design to assembly (ODM), supply to assembly (OEM), assembly (EMS), PCB (PCB). Major national projects are the pride of Patsa Industry. Board construction on FR4‌ fiber, aluminum and flexible materials and flex-rigid

  • Board construction on FR4‌ fiber materials, aluminum and flexible (flexible) and flex-rigid
  • From 3 weeks to 6 weeks (depending on the type of work and the number required)
  • Finishing surface with Hot Air, tin-free (RoHS), gold, silver and electroless methods
  • Accuracy 0.08 mm (minimum distance between two wires and minimum thickness of wires)
  • Minimum drilling size 0.15 mm
  • Added thickness of copper up to 15 oz