Professional industrial computers Compact PCI / Micro TCA / Advanced TCA

We offer a full range of high performance CPCI computers in all dimensions from up-to-date CPUs to multipurpose I / O modules. Compact PCI products are suitable for industries such as telecommunications, military, telecommunications, and industrial and research automation. In these systems, due to the use of advanced technologies in the manufacture of Compact PCI products, we offer them to our customers at reasonable prices and high efficiency.
Today, the use of Compact PCI systems in the telecommunications industry has been proposed as a professional industrial computer. These computers come in two types, 6U and 3U, with I / O interface boards. These systems utilize the capabilities of Compact PCI computers to communicate with hardware compatible with this bus at a very high speed.
Among the advantages of the system are the following:
o Existence of I / Os corresponding to each board and possibility of connection through the back of the case
Very high resistance to vibration and shock and the possibility of very high air conditioning
o Very easy assembly
o Existence of DAQ cards compatible with Compact PCI bus
o Existence of bridges corresponding to PCI bus and Compact PCI compliant for PCI cards

Rugged PC

rugged computers are essential when performance and reliability are required in harsh environments such as severe weather, or bumpy terrain, high humidity, water intrusion, or heavy salt fog spoilage. To meet these requirements, these systems are designed to meet the specifications of the MIL-810G for pressure drop, vibration, immersion and temperature extremes, and with IP65 to IP68 rating, protect against water and dust. To be.


High performance PC Rugged Box with 5th generation Intel® Core 5th processor (U series)

  • Intel® Core 5th generation processor ((U series)
  • DDR3L 1333 / 1600MHz 2x 204-pin SODIMM Non-ECC only (maximum 16 GB)
  • It supports Intel® HD Graphics 6000, DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 1.3
  • Supports 2 GB internet, Wifi, LTE and GPS
  • Supports a wide range of input power ~ 33.6V 6 (above IEC 60092-101 standard)
  • Rated IP66 and IP67 anti-corrosion salt water
  • Wide operating temperature range -25 ° C-70 ° C with fanless design


IRS-3610, a high-performance hardcover computer, with wide voltage capability over IEC 60092-101, 24V, with a tolerance of 16.6V to 30V. Rubber seals offer oil / ozone / ultraviolet light resistance, and valves reduce heat loss to equalize air pressure. In addition, the IP65 / IP67 rating and the corrosion resistance of salt water dramatically enhance all aspects of the experience for mineral and marine applications.

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