Patsa Industry offers Wago and Schneider-Electric brand RTUs in Iran


  • Types of smart RTUs with different number of inputs / outputs
  • Key points considered in how serial and Ethernet communication of these RTUs with the field and control layer through digital radio networks, optical fiber, Wifi, Wimax, Leased Lines, ADSL and 3G and GPRS telecommunication services make this controller an RTU Smart turned.
  • Supports DNP3 over IP protocols, DNP3, DF1-A B, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
  • Support for IEC 60870-103 Master, IEC 60870-101 / 104
  • CcsAUs and Culus Class 1 Div 2 Smart RTUs
  • Ability to integrate FTP in a package
  • Temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius

Wago RTUs:

Fast high-speed data processing with built-in OPC UA, built-in web server, firewall, and security features allow Wago 65mm PFC100 Series PLCs to leverage their technology infrastructure in remote applications Wago PLC models called PFC100 and PFC200 are available in two sets with the ability to install and connect to the Ethernet and GPRS networks. “Expanded PFC100 PLC The PFC200, with its smaller platform and high-speed 64-bit Cortex-A8 processor, has the ability to perform high-speed, high-precision data operations.” Prevents downstream networks and provides adequate security. It also provides data encryption controller in SSH and SSL / TLS 1.2 and integrated password protection and protection of secure communications against access to programming functions and content and prevents the entry of malicious software.

Patsa Industry offers Wago and Schneider-Electric brand RTUs in Iran

TRIO radio modems

In Patsa Industry, the radio modem is offered in different series in two bands, UHF and free band. All radio modems of this company are designed to meet all communication needs in different topologies. With the integration of radio and modem, it is easily possible to coordinate with SCADA systems. UHF band radio modems E and M series and free band radio modems are offered in K and J series.

E-series radio modems
These radio modems are designed to work in the (370-520MHz) UHF band and are offered in three products: ER, EB and EH. These radios can be selected in the form of Half Duplex and Full Duplex and Remote (ER), Base Station (EB) and Hot Stand-by Base Station (EH) with real redundancy capability.
All radio parameters (such as transmitting power, frequency adjustment …) as well as the data ports of these radios can be adjusted as Local and Over the Air, and the device for setting the parameters as Local has a System port (in addition to two input ports). / RS-232 data outputs are separate, which makes it possible to reset or manage the radio network at the same time as sending data data (without interfering with data transmission).

M-series radio modems
These radio modems are designed to work in the (395-520MHz) band UHF, Half Duplex function and in small and compact size. These radio modems are suitable for working in many systems due to their low price and good technical characteristics. Telemetry and SCADA are suitable for small and medium scale. M series radios have an RS-232 input / output port with a speed of 96000bps and are also compatible with E series radios and can communicate with these radios.

J&K-series radio modems

These radio modes are designed to work in the 2.4GHz free band and due to their low price and high technical characteristics, along with KwikStream, LinkXtend and MultiStream technology, have made it possible to create a variety of network topologies in telemetry and SCADA systems. These radios have two antenna inputs and an internal multiplexer and can function as Remote and Repeater / Bridge. In these radios, all radio parameters (such as transmitting power, channel tuning, etc.) as well as locally adjustable data ports have a separate System port (in addition to two data input / output ports), which allows It is possible to reset or manage the radio network at the same time as sending data data (without interfering with data transmission). For telemetry and SCADA applications, these radios with 0.5 watt radio power can send information over long distances. Have provided. K series radios have RS-232 ports and J series radios have Ethernet ports.


Patsa Industry is a monitoring software provider

The control and monitoring software provided by Patsa Industry provides comprehensive solutions for various industries by providing the following capabilities:

1- Remote management, control and monitoring of important processes and facilities

2- Providing special capabilities based on the nature of being Real-Time

3- Providing continuous and uninterrupted performance using diagnostic and warning tools

4- Support for network design

Server / Client5- Ability to support an unlimited number of clients

6- Support for Alarm Service Redundancy and Trend Service Redundancy

7- Ability to display information under WEB and support for WEB Client


1. Citect SCADA software


2. Clear SCADA software

Clear SCADA helps extend operational value by natively connecting to a wide range of Wonder ware applications. Unparalleled connectivity to Wonder ware Alarm Advisor Improves performance and reliability by better understanding alert information, improving operator awareness and productivity by reducing the potential for unplanned failure. Clear SCADA – SCADA product for remote and telemetry markets
Optimized for remote asset management in critical infrastructure
SCADA integrated, scalable with ready-to-use telemetry features
Open platform for easy connection to business and IT systems

Clear Scada